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Ultimate Cloth Bad Boy Pro Supersized Classic White– 15.5” x 19.5”
  • Model :
  • Color : White
  • Size : 15.5” x 19.5”
  • Weight : 0 kg
  • AED 48/-

The original Ultimate Cloth®that made us famous but textured with a waffle ridge design for extra scrubbingaction. They will also hold 2x the dirt before they need to be washed.

  • Same as our Original, but almost 45% larger for big jobs such as vehicles (of all sizes) inside & out
  • BAD on dirt, grease and grime. TENDER on your delicate surfaces such as paint, chrome, lexan, leather & more.
  • Packaged individually
  •  HUGE MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER - best cloth for big jobs. Car, RV, motorcycle, or boat - cleans windows & mirrors, chrome, wood, leather, windshields & windscreens.
  • EASY & FAST 1 STEP CLEANING - cleans, dries & polishes in one easy step! Keep multiples for home, & business as well. Same amazing MiraFiber technology as our medium cloth which is great size for cleaning marble, granite & Corian countertops, stainless steel appliances, flat topped stoves, porcelain, fiberglass, led & flat screens. 
  • STREAK FREE, SCRATCH FREE, SPOT & LINT FREE FINISH - a clean Ultimate Cloth is safe for ANY surface - including delicate windscreens and prized paint jobs - and leaves no residue or lint behind. CAPTURE & RELEASE CLEAN - nylon/polymer blend of millions of threads scoop up dirt, grease, and grime dampened with water alone, rinse, then reuse; wash when dirty.
  • REUSABLE & ECOFRIENDLY - Ultimate Cloths are chemical free and also need no harsh chemicals to clean effectively. By eliminating most paper towel use, an Ultimate Cloth saves an average of 45 pounds of paper towels per person, per year. Would take over 3000 lbs to rip or tear an Ultimate Cloth. Because of extreme durability, will last through many washings.
  • EASY CARE - machine or hand wash; unlike old microfibers, can bleach for disinfection; hang dry. No fabric softeners. 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 5 YEAR GENERAL USE WARRANTY.
  • Advanced Microfiber Technology: endless microfilaments split 30x's smaller than human hair are hydro-entangled to create 
    a unique, worldwide patented fabric called Mirafiber. This process creates open spaces that act as millions of tiny 
    'scoops' that pull dirt, oil & other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until washed away with soap or detergent. 
    Water simply acts as a 'lubricant' to help emulsify dirt & oil making it easier for MiraFiber® to effectively clean 
    surfaces.Made: in USA and Imported.
  • Color: Classic White.
  • Dimension: 15.5 X 19.5 w/our signature rounded corners.
  • Weight: Lightweight but tough!
  • Texture: Unlike many microfibers, the Ultimate Cloth's advanced technology produces a nice, smooth finish that can feel 
    somewhat stiff initially. This does not alter its effectiveness and will quickly soften with use and washing.
  • Sizes: Classic Whites large (BadBoy).


  • - Windows, windshields, mirrors sparkle
  • - Effortlessly, keeps stainless, chrome, leather & vinyl looking great
  • - Makes cleaning autos, boats & RV's inside/out a breeze
  • - Easily removes bugs, brake dust, boot marks



  • Easy! Wet cloth w/water, wring out well, wipe your surface. Scoops up dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants & 
    traps them in the cloth - leaves behind a sparkling clean finish.
  • For Stainless Steel: Ultimate Cloth will keep your stainless steel gleaming like new. If you have frustrations with your stainless steel utensils



1 PC = 48 AED

3 PCS. = 140 AED

6 PCS. = 274 AED

12 PCS. = 530 AED

24 PCS = 1036 AED

50 PCS.= 1680 AED

Watch how the amazing MiraFiber technology performs on your prized surfaces: 






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