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UltimateCloth MiraFiber Platinum AntiMicrobial 14.7”x 15.7”
  • Model :
  • Color : Sahara Tan and Slate Grey
  • Size : 14.7”x 15.7”
  • Weight : 0 kg
  • AED 44/-

*NEW* MiraFiber® Platinum Anti-Microbial cloths clean the same way asour Classics, but they also pick up 99.99% of bacteria and residual bacterialeft in the cloth will be killed by the cloth within 24hrs!.

It is manufactured differently to pick up even more materials off ofsurfaces. Mainly, bacteria. This revolutionary process enables users to pick up99.99% of bacteria (certified by ACTLabs). Not only that, but embedded into thefibers are natural anti-microbial filaments that are spun endlessly which areincapable of being released from the cloth. These special antimicrobialfilaments will kill any residual bacteria left within the cloth after rinsingwithin 24hrs. (certified by ACTLabs). All of this cleaning power, but just aseffective at keeping surfaces streak free, spot free and lint free.

Recommended uses: Kitchens and bathrooms and other areas wherebacteria laden areas such as tv remotes, cordless phones, door handles andlight switches.

Available in Sahara Tan and Slate Grey.

How can you tell if it's working?

No bad odors. To keep the antimicrobialfilaments in clear contact with bacteria, be sure to wash your MiraFiber®Platinum cloths weekly. As always, never launder any MiraFiber® products withfabric softener as this will coat the filaments. Air dry only.

How to Use

Wet with water, wring it out well and wipe your surface. Not only willyour surface dry bacteria free, streak free, lint and spot free. Rinse thecloth well after use. Wash MiraFiber® Platinum weekly to keep the antimicrobialfilaments in contact with bacteria. Machine washable. NO FABRIC SOFTENER - AirDry Only.


1 PC = 44 AED

3 PCS. = 128 AED

6 PCS. = 251 AED

12 PCS. = 486 AED

24 PCS = 950 AED

50 PCS.= 1540 AED

Watch how the amazing MiraFiber technology performs on your prized surfaces: 





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